Our Philosophy

The Centre’s philosophy is developed in consultation with parents and staff as a collaborative body to determine the needs of children attending the centre and developing ways to meet those needs. The Philosophy is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure current trends in the Child Care Industry are being maintained. The centers philosophy is based around the concept that children learn through play. Children are number 1 in the centre and the facilities and philosophy have been designed around allowing children to be children. We believe that we should emphasise and recognize the family, the individual ability and skill of each child and the richness of the environment and natural surroundings. We believe it is of utmost importance to nurture and educate the children in our care through the development of trust, security and loving relationships. Our philosophy is founded on the knowledge that early childhood development focuses on the social, emotional, cognitive, physical and aesthetic development of the individual child.

Why call our centre Free Range Kids

We believe children need fresh air, exercise and physical activity to keep their bodies and minds fit and healthy. Free Range children are those who are encouraged to pursue a physically active lifestyle and have available to them an environment which encourages this. Our centre has minimal media or technological activities for children as we believe children can learn from spending active time outdoors.